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Gold has been a symbol of power and status since ancient times. Though the winds of trade constantly tilt and sway, the value of gold consistently remains strong. No matter the economic circumstance, gold has historically proved itself to be a stable commodity, one of the wisest assets an investor can acquire. Goldbrex is a commodities market based business, a bold venture taken on the spirit of providing impeccable services related to precious metals - services such as smelting, refining, and gold bullion. Whatever service you require, let us assist you with your venture, and experience first hand how the quiet nobility of the gold trade lends itself to our fierce fidelity to quality and our dedicated to best in class experience. 

In the industry of nearly two decades, Goldbrex International is one of Canada's fastest growing gold bullion firms. Though ever expanding, we trace our company origins to Montreal. In the spirit of Montreal's confluence of cultures and sophistication, we retain our roots through our commitment to quality and customer experience.